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Arctic Flame
Soft | Hard
Color Blue
Kanji 北極
Romaji Hokkyoku
Characteristic Cristallizzazione (Crystallization)
Ability Large scale ice production and manipulation
Users Arctic Flame Users
Belongs To Dying Will Flames of the Arctic

Arctic Flames are the rarest of the seven Dying Will Flames of the Arctic.

The Arctic Flame is a blue flame resembling that of real world blue fire, with distinctive blue edges and a light blue core. The Arctic Flame carries the characteristic of "Crystallization", which allows the user of the flame to produce and manipulate ice and snow on a massive scale. This can be used for offense or defense, able to create an entire battlefield of ice mimicking that of the Arctic terrains.

Not only this, but there are two types of Arctic Flames. The first is the "Soft" Flame which is the lest powerful of the two, but easiest to control. The second is the "Hard" Flame which is the more powerful of the two but is harder control, which takes a different appearance, making them quite similar to Sky Flame in that aspect.