Karma Flames
Color Green
Kanji カルマ
Romaji Karuma
Characteristic Luck
Ability Grant luck to the user as long as the flames are ignited
Users Raya
Belongs To Special Flames
The Karma Flames (カルマの炎, Karuma no Honō) are a Special Flame meaning they arent categorized in any array of each flame class, They are an extremely rare Dying Will Flame that doesnt need a ring to ignite it. Its user has not yet been revealed.


The Karma Flames dont contain any destructive capabilities and not offensive or defensive properties its only known ability, Which is considered unique among other Dying Will Flames, Is that this flame allows its user to manipulate luck itself or more precisely manipulate karma, By doing so the user can make his enemies have bad luck making unfortunate events happen to them like slipping on a dry floor, Getting a cold on a summer day, Getting food poisoning or other unfortunate events, Yet it has been shown that this flame cannot kill meaning it can give a person as many unfortunate events as possible yet none of them can cause a certain kill to a person but will need to cause several of those which can take a very long time to actually kill someone with these flames, Yet above all this flame still gives its user incredible luck making the user nearly untouchable by anyone, Unless someone turns off the Karma Flames which are ignited around the user's body his luck wont disapear.

An obvious weakness that was seen with the use of the Karma Flames is that the user has to keep them ignited to be able of keeping his good luck and for his enemies to have bad luck, The Karma Flames also seem to negate the users other natural Dying Will Flame meaning the user can only use another flame if he turns off his Karma Flames.