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Kilogram Flame

Kilogram Flame

Color Blue
Kanji キロ
Romaji Kiro
Characteristic Gravare (Encumber)
Ability To alter the weight and density of objects and people.


The Kilogram Flame looks like a really dark blue flame when produced from a ring. Once a certain threshold is reached however the flames transform into cubes and float around the user aimlessly.



The special characteristic of the Kilogram Flame is its ability to alter the weight and density of anything the user desires. As such the user can make things extremely heavy or light by applying the flames to them.

Anything affected by the flame will not be changed in size irregardless of any additional mass it may gain, nor will it shrink if made lighters.


Utilizing this flame to it's full potential allows one to easily manipulate both their opponent and their battlefield so as to always obtain victory even in hopeless situations. As the user can make themselves lighter to enhance their speed and increase the weight of their strikes at the last second for a more powerful attack.

It's said that the kilogram flame is the deadliest in the hands of anyone who fights with their bare body as changing one's weight is easier done than that of other things with Kilogram Flames.


  • The Meter Flame works on reverse of the Kilogram flame as one increases size without increasing weight while one increases weight without increasing size.