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Meter Flame

Meter Flame

Color Teal
Kanji 計器
Romaji Keiki
Characteristic Alongar (Lengthen)
Ability To increase the length of things in any direction, and multiple simultaneously.


The Meter flame looks like an intense teal flame when produced from a ring. Once a certain output threeshold is reached the flames disappear and black arrows appear everywhere around the user pointing at where the power will be used to lengthen.



The special characteristic of the Meter Flame is its ability to lengthen objects into any direction the user desires, increasing the reach of everything while maintaining the same weight. Since the flame allows one to extend the reach in multiple directions it's possible to simply increase the object in every direction and thus enlaren it in a manner similar to cloud flames.

The true distinction between the meter flame and the cloud flame is that objects cannot multiply with this characteristic instead the rate at which growth happens is considerably faster. High level users may even extend things fast enough to break the sound barrier.


The Meter Flame's true power can more clearly be observed when fighting with a melee weapon against a ranged opponent, as it allows one to fight from afar even with melee weapons. Since merely the reach increases but not the weight wielding anything affected by the flame will require no additional force.


  • The Meter Flame works on reverse of the Kilogram flame as one increases size without increasing weight while one increases weight without increasing size.