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Second Flame

Second Flame

Color Black
Romaji Byō
Characteristic Lasciare (Bequeath)
Ability To inherit the experience of ancestors and to be entrusted by allies something.


Second Flames are identified by their black flames when produced from a ring, these black flames have no special properties and are merely visual. However because they are a math flame they take another form once enough of them is created, they stop behaving like flames and instead becomes chains all around the user. Sometimes clock shapes may appear too, but these are not known to be a product of the flames themselves.



The special characteristic of the second flame is it's relation with time as its name implies. Second flame users can utilize the second flames chains to link them to an ancestor and receive part of their experience. This effectively allows Second Flame users to have more experience and technique than what would be possible given the amount of time they had.

Another interesting property of the Second Flames is that when they are applied to box weapons their time related powers makes it so the box turns into a time where it was opened, revealing what it has inside. This power works on every single box weapon the user has a friend with the right flame type. This means that a second flame user can potentially open every box weapon.


As far as fighting goes the Second Flame is incredibly effective since it allows the user to grow stronger faster and more effectively than any opponent. The chains the flames take the shape of are also incredibly strong and can be used to restrain enemies with great strength.

Furthermore the chains the flames create can be wrapped around things for defense and structural stability, as well to link things for makeshift chain weaponry as they can attach themselves to anything.


  • Second Flames are the Math Flames equivalent of the Sky Flames as they deal with time and are able to activate the box weapons of any other math flame.