Seishi Ume

Seishi masked

Kanji Name 誠之梅
Romaji Name Ume Seishi
  • Masked Man
  • The Magician
Gender Male
Age 20
Status Alive
Date of Birth Unknown
Famiglia Sconosciuto Famiglia
Partner None
  • Staves
  • Gun Powder Bomb
Flame Light
Blood Type O

Seishi Ume (誠之梅, Ume Seishi) Is the 10th Generation Light Guardian of the Sconosciuto Famiglia. Like the other Guardians, he was summoned to defeat Raya so that he would agree to become the next Boss just as he promised.


Seishi is an average height young man, he has a well build body, he is always seen wearing a black cloak to cover his entire body along with bandages around his arms and legs and fingerless blue gloves, he wears a dark

Seishi unmasked

blue shirt with white linnings, black pants, a head protector and a bandana that hides the lower half of his face revealing only his brown eyes.

When unmasked Seishi's hair color is revealed to be blue, he has a tattoo on his right eye, he also has a different apearance which consists of a black cape, a black shirt that has heart shaped clothing parts stitched to the sleeves and the sides under it he wears a white shirt that has armor plates at the front, black pants and black shoes.


Abilities And PowersEdit


  • Seishi's apearance is based on Jellal Fernandes and Mystogan from Fairy Tail
  • Seishi means "Life and Death" in Japanese