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Silvestre Famiglia


Famiglia Name Silvestre
Kanji Title シルブストレ ファミリー
Romaji Title Shirubusutore Famirī
Literal Meaning Sylvan
Current Boss Silvestre Sesto
Caules Silvestre (In-training)
Allied Families

The Silvestre Famiglia (シルブストレ ファミリー, Shirubusutore Famirī) is a somewhat young mafia family, first founded in the 1320s by Silvestre Primo. Despite being relative newcomers to the mafia world, they have managed to climb to a position of significant influence and renown among the community itself. Their name means 'sylvan' in Italian, a term referring to a people or spirits of the woodland. In relation to this connotation, the Silvestre Famiglia is the community's reigning expert in the more supernatural elements of the mafia world, working directly with incidents related to the Dying Will Flames and Wave Energy, and it is this that has gotten them to their current state of fame, as they are considered experts in the knowledge of this phenomenon and constantly keep track of the various types of Dying Will Flames out there, among other supernatural events within the mafia community.

Because of this, they possess their own unique brand of the flames, the Dying Will Flames of the Seasons, named after the flames' similarity in attribute to the various seasons of geological time, and each generation's Guardians all wield one of these, with the current Boss utilizing the main Seasonal Flames. They also possess their own box weapons, and are the current wielders of the Silvestre Rings.

The current boss is Silvestre Sesto, while Caules Silvestre, the Settimo, remains in training.

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