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Temperature Flame, is the property of Senpai. This page is to not be touched without authorization. If you dare touch it, I'll tell the stupid Long-Haired Captain and he will give me permission to kill you.

Temperature Flame


Color Orange
Kanji 温度
Romaji Ondo
Characteristic Termalizzazione (Thermalization)
Ability Temperature manipulation
Users Temperature Flame Users
Belongs To Dying Will Flames of the Arctic

Temperature Flames are one of the Dying Will Flames of the Arctic and, with its characteristic, "Thermalization", carries the ability temperature manipulation, allowing its user to freely produce things such as fire and ice at will, and manipulate it freely. The flame itself is a deep orange color, much like that of a normal flame, thus making the Temperature Flame the most similar to a real flame out of the Seven Flames of the Arctic, in both appearance, and properties, due its ability to burn and release heat.